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Welcome to David Ewing's Kalapana lava tours!  If you are coming to the Big Island and can hike then hiking out to the flowing lava on black lava rock from Pu'u O'o is a must do. This website will guide you toward the experience of a life time...

On the the volcano there is a vent called Pu'u O'o which has been active for 30 years, sending flow after flow down the southeast flank of Kilauea volcano. The conditions change and so the range and paths of the hikes change as well.  The Lava Updates page will let you know what's been happening recently so you know what you're getting into!  Please also check out our Photo Gallery to get an idea of what it's like to visit flowing lava – and don't forget to bring your camera, too! Click on our Lava Hikes page to get fully informed of what the hike entails, including distance, time, what to bring, directions, cost and more.

lf you have any questions or would like to set your hike date just click on the Contact page and call or email me and I will get you answers quickly. The Links page offers a few suggestions for places to stay nearby.

You can read several reviews from folks who enjoyed the experience of seeing lava up close, and safely, by visiting

Thanks and I hope to meet you soon!

David Ewing

"The lava is unbelievable. This was the biggest highlight of my 21 days spread across Maui and Hawai'i. ...  For me, there is nothing like the lava flow trek that David does, it is very special...." – Reviewer,

"I went on a night hike with David Ewing and Skylar and had an amazing time viewing Lava and getting an interesting commentary along the way. These guys are very nice and flexible and a pleasure to hike with. The Lava is amazing!"
– Reviewer,